Pray's Auto Sales

Pray’s Auto has been providing quality late model vehicles to its clients for over 40 years. Owner Steve Pray, whose father Paul started Prays Auto Sales back in the early ’70s, has been around the car business most of his life.
As a longtime member of the community, Steve Pray will never put you in an unsafe car.  His kids attend high school here, he and his family are church members. He puts his reputation on the line every time he makes a sale.
Steve hand picks the inventory himself. All vehicles are inspected thoroughly by our experienced service technician and are backed by our warranty (or as stated). Most vehicles are trade-ins from new car stores, so we often know something about their history. Most importantly — we GUARANTEE the lowest price.

Derek Coleman

Sales Department
Over 20 years in retail sales

Peter Redman

Over 20 years experience in auto detailing

Ron Wiley

Over 35 years experience as a mechanic

Lewis Wiley

38 years in sales, financing, mechanical & automotive business owner


Wayne Hawes

Over 24 years in the automobile
business, from detailer to owner

Tyler Martin

Sales Department
5 years in retail sales & financing

Brian Knowlton

4 years with automotive mechanics and EMMC graduate

Tammy Hersom

Customer Care Advocate


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